About Us


About Us

Vogel is best-characterised as a technology provider for water- and wastewater treatment plants (municipal, industrial) worldwide. Our engineering headquarters and process competence centre is in Budapest, Hungary (Central Europe), our equipment manufacturing facilities are in Holland, Italy, Turkey, and Hungary. Vogel has its local business branches among others in the Gulf area (Qatar), Poland, and Egypt.

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Vogel is owned by private persons, who have all dedicated their professional careers to water- and wastewater engineering and project implementation. Owners and managers of Vogel, together with our highly skilled engineering staff, have accumulated over 25 years of a unique experience on design, build, and operation of complex water- and wastewater treatment plants worldwide, covering more than 100 unique designed installations and using a wide variety of leading technologies.

Our sector has become very demanding and complex, calling for a wide range of technological expertise to meet steadily growing challenges.

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With a growing pollution of our natural water resources, treatment of drinking water becomes more and more difficult, requiring ever improving technologies, more and more complex processes.

Also, modern wastewater treatment technologies go well beyond treating wastewater only. They now come together with advanced sludge treatment and reuse; production-, treatment- and energetic utilisation of biogas, as well as odour treatment. Vogel is ready to cover all this complexity of challenges.

Besides our own, self-developed biological technologies, via license agreements and strategic cooperation, we also integrate global, reputed companies, who are experts in their very specific field of treatment technologies.

There are hardly any types of water and wastewater Vogel could not treat, or even recycle, re-utilise if needed.
Besides building new plants, we are experienced in upgrading and/or extending existing plants as well.

Management Team

Vogel’s management comprises two senior professionals, who have both acquired vast experience in the field of wastewater treatment and water treatment. More than a hundred of successfully implemented projects mark their activity over the past 25 years, all designed and built with enthusiasm, passion, at highest professional level. Their experience cover not only engineering aspects but implementation, project management, and operation management as well.

Our managers gathered substantial experience not only as process designers, but also as founders managers, owners of successful companies active in the water sector (Entrepreneur of the year 2013 in Hungary). They made significant projects in Central Europe (Hungary, Romania), the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The management team’s professional skills are well represented by their approved international patents (biological activated sludge conditioning process) and national prices (Lampl Hugo Prize of Hungary as chief designer of Siófok wwtp) and many other awards.

Key Personnel

In-house we are proud to have international water- and wastewater process design experts with a track record of over 300 implemented installations worldwide, and countless of international professional publications. We are also equipped with a team of 3D designers, over 10 years of experience in water sector.

Why Vogel?

Our business is our passion. We strive to save our water sources and our environment, by quality engineering and the creation of better and better processes and equipment.

We aim to develop sustainable smart technologies with unique low energy- and chemicals demand, or with even production of energy. Our processes generate minimum sludge in forms easy to return to nature or agriculture. Our technologies aim to reuse more and more of our wasted resources as well.

We never stop developing ourselves and our technologies. Our technologies are not standardised, we supply customer fitted smart solutions in every case. We are a streamlined, flexible organisation, with surprisingly competitive technologies.

“Pure Smartness for Pureness”

Vogel is able to offer full technologies, using competitively priced mechanical equipment of our associated workshops, all from one hand, with undivided guarantees. This we certainly consider a major competitive edge. We offer innovative technologies and comprehensive after-sale services.